18 November 2019

This month at Messy Church we continues our series based on ‘True Story’ by Pete Brown. We were answering the question ‘Is Jesus God?’ by looking at the account of Jesus walking on water in Mark 6:45–52. Jesus not only does something that God alone does (see Job 9:8), Jesus claims to be God when he says “It is I”, literally “I am.”

Here are the activities we did this month:

Boat Building

We used wooden disks with hole drilled in, inserted kebab sticks and sewed sails.

Storm in a Jar

We filled jars about two-thirds with water (coloured blue) and then filled the rest of the jar with baby oil. With the lids firmly attached the jars could be sloshed about to make interesting wave motions.

(The jars can be seen behind this boat)

Watercolour Painting

The children and adults experimented with watercolour paints, making stormy scenes.

Emotion Magnets

The disciples in the story went through a range of emotions: terror, relief, amazement. We drew emoji or pictures from the story on ‘shrinkles’. This plastic sheet gets smaller and thicker after being heated in the oven. We attached magnets to the back once they had been shrunk.

Sandwich Boats

We made sandwiches, filling them with a choice of ingredients and arranging them in boat shapes.

Water Play

We had a big tray of water out for children to play in.