16 July 2019

Easter Messy Church is great as we get to teach the heart of the Christian message – the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Here are some of the Easter-related activities we did to reinforce the message.

Resurrection Rolls

We wrapped a marshmallow in some pre-made croissant dough. The roll is baked in the oven and when opened the marshmallow has ‘disappeared’. It reminds us of Jesus’ disciples discovering the empty tomb on Easter morning.

Cross Paintings

We used masking tape to make a cross shape on paper and oil pastel to decorate around it. We then covered the whole sheet of paper with watercolours. When the paint was dry the masking tape was removed to reveal the shape.

Easter Hearts

Jesus death on the cross shows how much he loves us (but so much more as well!) We threaded wool through heart-shapes on cardboard to remind us of this.

Decorated Easter Eggs

Jesus died and rose to new, resurrection life! His life means we can have new life too. Eggs symbolise new life at Easter and we showed this by decorating hard-boiled eggs. We decorated some eggs with permanent marker pens. We decorated others by sticking layers of paper napkins to the egg using PVA glue.

Modelling Clay Crosses

Some of these crosses we made into pendants by putting a hole in the top and adding a cord.