29 March 2019

This month at Messy Church we were learning about Jesus’ parables of the treasure and the pearl of great price (Matthew 13:44–46). They teach that God’s kingdom is so good, it’s worth giving anything to get.

Pearl Pool

The children loved playing with these water beads. And so did the adults!

Treasure Field Cupcakes

We decorated chocolate cupcakes to make them look like a treasure buried in a field. Green icing on top for grass, and a sweet treasure hidden within!

Treasure Lockets

The children made lockets by attaching a string to a metal bottle top. They decorated them with stick-on gems. Inside they wrote or drew something that was precious to them.

Marble Mazes

Two men searched for treasure and found it! We made marble mazes by sticking artstraws to shallow cardboard boxes.

Where’s the Treasure?

We had a large box of multi-coloured dyed rice. Hidden among the rice were lots of plastic gems, but only one gold one! The children really enjoyed searching for the golden treasure.