20 October 2017

This month we looked at the second of Jesus’ miraculous signs in Cana – the healing of the official’s son (John 4:43-54). This miracle goes together with Jesus changing water into wine from last month and shows that he is the coming Messiah who will conquer death and wipe away every tear. The Old Testament background can be found in numerous places, for example, Isaiah 25:6-9.

Walking Stick

The father walked a long way to find Jesus. We decorated walking sticks with coloured tape, string and wool. This was a simple activity but the children really enjoyed it.

One O’Clock Biscuits

Time is important in the account of the miracle. It took place at around one o’clock. The children stuck two biscuits together, iced them and decorated them to look like a clock face showing one o’clock.

Bandaged Boy

To represent the sick son, the children made ‘boys’ out of pipe cleaners, wrapped them in aluminium foil and then bandaged them up using plaster bandage. The bandage is dipped in water and applied. It goes hard in abut 30 minutes. (Picture does not show bandaging stage!)

Jumping Jacks

To show the joy of the boy’s healing, we made puppets which leapt with joy when a string was pulled. These were rather complicated and fiddly to construct – lots of adult help needed!

Flower Sculpture

To represent Jesus bringing life we made flowers out of wire and jar and bottle lids.

Hope in the Darkness

As Jesus showed by healing the son, he has power to wipe away every tear. We represented hope in the darkness by scratching pictures onto CDs that had been painted black.