24 April 2017

This month we did the well-known parable of the Wise and Foolish Builders. (Matthew 7:24-29, Luke 6:46-49). Jesus’ point is that the one who listens to his words and does them will be safe from the judgement to come. Our activities featured house-building, storms and listening.

Sand Pictures

The children drew a design with PVA glue on white paper and then dipped it in trays of coloured sand to make a picture.

Junk Model House Building

Listening Bottles

We tried to identify what was in the bottle by shaking them and listening carefully.

Food House

We recreated the parable with an oat, raisin and banana rock, strawberry house, crushed digestive house on the sand and a custard flood. It actually tasted good too!


We had a water play area and some big construction toys out for house building.

Ice Melt Experiment

There are lots of things in life that are uncertain but God’s word is certain. To illustrate this we sprinkled salt onto blocks of ice and dropped food colouring on to form random, changing patterns.