To help one another read and enjoy God’s word we run something called Reading the Bible Together.

Each month we select a book (or books) of the Bible for the whole church to read during the month. A brief introduction to the book is provided to help people get started and then they read it at their own pace. There are also some simple questions to help think about the part of the Bible being read.

We try to incorporate that part of the Bible in our other services and share with one another the encouragements, challenges and questions we’ve come up with as we’ve read the book. One of our home groups each month is dedicated to talking about what we’ve been reading.

Reading the Bible Together is straightforward enough for everyone to do. Families join in by making it something they all do at home together. Older children read it for themselves. People who travel a lot or find reading difficult may find it easier to listen to an audio version instead.

(Reading the Bible Together is an idea we got from Mount Pleasant Baptist Church, Swansea)