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Andrew Chan

Andrew became a Christian while he was studying for a degree in London. He was involved in the Chinese Church in London before moving more locally to Blenheim Free Church. Andrew conducts research and education activities in pharmaceutical sciences at King’s College London. At Blenheim Andrew is involved in Bible study and leading a youth … Read more …

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David Fisher

David became a Christian when he was 17 and has been involved in local churches in the Isle of Man, Liverpool and, since 1992, in Maidenhead. He has a PhD in Physics and works for an international mining company. David has responsibility for our Children’s Activities on Sunday.

Chris Spackman

Chris was converted through the Crusader Bible Class movement.  He is a chemical engineer and worked in the technical and production departments of ICI Paints for 30 years.  After retiring he worked as a consultant in the manufacturing industry and as Health and Safety Officer for Wycliffe Bible Translators UK. 

Peter Cranch

Peter is married to Debbie and they have four young children. He became a Christian when he was nine years old. After university he worked as a defence analyst then studied at Wales Evangelical School of Theology (WEST) before joining Blenheim Free Church.