5 November 2019

This year at Messy Church we’re basing our sessions on the book ‘True Story’ by Pete Brown. The first session aims to answer the question ‘Is there a God?’ by looking at the historical events of Jesus’ birth.

Here are the activities we did.

Leaf Scenes

As it’s autumn we used leaves and seeds to make pictures of the shepherds in the Christmas events.

Sing Praises!

To remind us of the angels singing praises to the newborn king we made microphones by sticking Christmas baubles to the end of cardboard tubes and decorating them.


We made lanterns to light the shepherds’ way. We decorated glass jars with glass paints and added a handle and tealight.


We made cardboard spinners to symbolise the shepherds’ joyful hurry to tell people the good news.

Biscuit Decorating

We also decorated animal-shaped biscuits, to fit in with Jesus’ being laid in an animal feeding trough.