16 July 2019

This month Messy Church we looked at the time that a rich young man met Jesus (Matthew 19:16–30). It’s a great incident with a surprising message: Even being super-good can’t make you good enough to get into heaven. But God can do what’s impossible for people – he can save us. (Matthew 19:25–26)

Here are some of the activities we did related to the story.

Treasure Chests

Because the man in the story was very rich and didn’t want to give up his wealth we made treasure chests. The sides were made by gluing stacks of lolly sticks and the lid and base were made from cardboard.

Paracord People

When we’re short of ideas related directly to the story something to do with people always fits! These people are made from paracord and a wooden bead. You can find lots of instructions for these on YouTube or other sites.

Sewing People

Jesus uses an illustration of a camel and a needle, so we used needles to sew little people. We had to keep them simple so they didn’t take too long for younger children.

Paint a Camel

To understand how impossible it is for a camel to go through the eye of a needle we need to understand how large a camel is! We drew a lifesize outline of a camel and painted it.

Camel Biscuits

We used a camel-shaped cutter to cut out biscuits. The children decorated these with coloured icing and different kinds of sprinkles.