29 March 2019

We learnt about Jesus’ Parable of the Unmerciful Servant (or the Unforgiving Servant) in Matthew 18:21–35. It shows us how much God forgives us in Jesus, and how that gives us the motivation and power to forgive others. It’s also a warning; if we won’t forgive, we don’t know God and will face his punishment.

Here are some of our activities this month:

Prison Biscuits

We decorated biscuits with jelly babies and bars to show the unforgiving servant in prison!

Bath Bombs

As it was two weeks before Mothering Sunday the children made bath bombs for their mums. They mixed citric acid, bicarbonate of soda, olive oil and epsom salts. The bombs were decorated with icing cake decorations. The children also decorated wooden hearts for labels and the bath bombs were presented wrapped prettily in a cellophane bag.

Magic Slate

To illustrate God wiping our sins away the children made ‘magic slates’. They filled aplastic bag with a mixture of paint and PVA glue. They stuck this between two pieces of card with a design cut out of the upper piece. They worked surprisingly well!

Ice Prison

We froze small plastic toys and other items in blocks of ice. The children enjoyed smashing the ice to free the items from their icy prison!