29 March 2019

This month at Messy Church we learnt all about Jesus’ parables of the mustard seed and the yeast (Matthew 13:31–34). They teach that God’s kingdom starts small but grows and spreads.

Big Tree Painting

We drew the outline of a tree on several sheets of paper. The children painted on leaves with their feet. Some children loved this activity and spent the whole time doing it!

Paper Lasers

By attaching rolled up paper strips to a stick we made ‘lasers’ that grew as they were flicked out. The weight of paper is critical to making the lasers work – it required a lot of experimenting beforehand to get it right!

Expanding Slime

The children mixed expanding slime (using citric acid, bicarbonate of soda and washing-up liquid). The foam grew and spread – just like the seed and the yeast.

Newspaper Tree

We taped pages from a newspaper together in a long line and then rolled it up. We cut slits lengthways to about half-way down and then pulled the inner leaves out. The tree grew and grew! We had a competition to see who could make the tallest.

Baking Bread

Of course, with a parable like this, we had to bake some bread! The children made bread rolls for their tea.