23 October 2018

This year we’re looking at Jesus’ teaching about the Kingdom of Heaven from Matthew’s Gospel, so we’re covering the Parable of the Sower again (Matthew 13:1–23). The parable teaches about different responses to the message about Jesus. One, and only one, response produces something better than we could ever imagine – receiving and and understanding the message about Jesus.

Here are the activities we did (We repeated the rock cakes from last time.)

Seed Pictures

The children made pictures out of lots of seeds we’d collected. We did this in October so there were loads of seeds about. It might be difficult at other times!

Grass Heads

Hollow out the top of a potato, soak a cotton wool ball in water and place inside, add grass seed. A face can be carved or drawn onto the potato. Not all of them were as scary as this example!

Acorn Sun Catchers

Glue a marble into an acorn cup and hang in a window to catch the sunlight.

Rock Noughts and Crosses (Tic-Tac-Toe)

We decorated stones to make a game. The drawstring bag we made to keep them in doubles as the board.

Wool Birds

We made birds out of wool, following the instructions in this video: