10 August 2018

At our Easter Messy Church we covered the greatest sign of all in John’s Gospel – Jesus’ resurrection.

As the children arrived they made an Easter basket from a paper bowl. They stuck pictures and words around it to tell the Easter story. They filled the basket with shredded paper and six plastic eggs. All the other activities fitted in one of the plastic eggs.

Silver Coins

The children designed their own coins out of air-dry clay, to represent the 30 silver coins for which Judas betrayed Jesus.

Ribbon Cross

We made crosses out of ribbon, symbolising Jesus’ death. (Sorry, no picture available.)

Slime Stone

To represent Jesus being put in the tomb with a stone rolled across we made slime! Ok, it’s not really connected, but we felt our Messy Church was not very ‘messy’, and we wanted the children to have something really exciting to do. Sure enough, they loved the slime! There are lots of recipes online. We made ours using PVA glue, contact lens cleaning solution and glitter.

Paperclip Angel

For the angels at the tomb on Easter Sunday morning We threaded beads onto paperclips, as in the picture below.

Edible Easter Garden

We made an edible Easter garden from biscuits, icing and decorative sprinkles.

The Empty Egg

One of the plastic eggs we left empty. Why? Because Jesus’ tomb is empty! We referred to the empty egg and the empty tomb during the talk in the Celebration.