10 August 2018

At Messy Church this month we looked at Jesus’ appearance to Thomas and what it means to have faith in Jesus (John 20:24–31). Our crafts and activities were related to many of Jesus’ resurrection appearances.

Fruity Fish

Jesus appeared to his disciples and gave them a miraculous catch of fish. The children made fruit fish in a net to eat with their tea.

Matchbox Cars

Jesus sent his disciples out to tell people the good news that he’d been raised from the dead. We made cars to illustrate going out with the good news of Jesus.

Secret Book

When Jesus died on the cross his disciples hid in secret because they were afraid of being arrested. We cut the middle out of a book and used it to make a secret hiding place. This activity took ages and ended up with adults cutting the pages out with craft knives – but the children loved it!

Seeing is Believing

Thomas wanted to see proof that Jesus was alive. We made periscopes with a Bible verse on the side to remind us of what Jesus said to him (John 20:29).

Bubble Painting

Jesus breathed the Holy Spirit on his disciples so he could be with them always. We blew coloured bubbles onto paper to make pictures.

Happy Faces

We made squishy balls out of balloons stuffed with sand or flour to represent the disciples joy at seeing Jesus alive.